Improv has taken me across the planet and now I can say it has even taken me to a galaxy far far away… ! I had the absolute pleasure of spending the last 6 weeks teaching improvisation to the fantastic folks of Industrial Light & Magic (aka Lucas Film). Veena Sood and I were beside ourselves with how quickly they picked up the concepts and how willing this awesome group was to fail forward! LUCAS FILM


22008350_10159342880330282_5607734498504584463_n ICE BLUE (Directed by Sandi Somers & written by Jason Long) premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival September 26th and 30th. Catch Ali in the Sneak Peak

THE CARETAKER (Directed by Forrester MacPherson & written by Chris Reid)- Featuring Ali Froggatt won best short at Airdrie Film Festival check it out below: