Down The Rabbit Hole, is a short film written, directed, and starring Ali Froggatt. Official Selection of the 2020 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, and the 2019 Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

RabbitHole Poster.jpg

“Down the Rabbit Hole’ from director/star @alifroggatt. The film also features actors @charliekerrforreal, and @jeffgladstone. “By seducing her victims into sedation, a young woman attempts to take back what was once stolen from her.” I loved this short. A bizarre and surreal metaphor for grief – realized in a very literal way – the film is visceral, violent, and strangely familiar, dealing with emotions we can all empathize with, albeit it in an extreme way. There’s not a single word of dialogue in here, and indeed none is needed. The film tells its story perfectly well with its visuals, and is elevated by composer @hylandgo‘s haunting, understated synth score (which was fabulous). Presented in non-linear fashion, I did find myself a little lost at first, but by the end, the film makes its point clearly and effectively. There was a moment that (to me anyway) was very reflective of a sad sequence in Cameron Crowe’s 1992 romantic comedy ‘Singles’, though I would imagine this is coincidental. I thought ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ was great. It’s a subtle, beautifully shot, incredibly haunting film, and I’ll be thinking about it for quite some time to come.”                  – Court Jarrell (Courtshake Entertainment)


The bulk of my directorial experience comes from my 11 years as an improvisor, directing and performing in improv formats such as Theatresports, Maestro Impro, Gorilla Theatre, & Missed Connections. Directing for improvisation happens simultaneous to the performance in front of a live audience, which has taught me the value of authentic on stage relationships, strong narrative, and above all the truth of the moment. I have directed two scripted play productions under my production company Sour Dog Theatre; Dog Sees God (2015), Girls Like That (2018). Other credits include: Undercover (assistant director to Rebecca Northan), & 7 Stories by Morris Panych (assistant director to Shawn Kinley).