“Ali is a leader in the next generation of impro teachers that work in the spirit and philosophy of Keith Johnstone. We both hail from Loose Moose Theatre and drank the same Koolaid. It works!” –Veena Sood (Indian Detective, Downsizing, Lucifer, Bates Motel, The X-Files)
“Ali’s “Impro for Actor’s” is easily the only place in my world where I am encouraged to fail gracefully and gloriously and where mistakes are celebrated. It is the most freeing feeling in my somewhat ‘serious’ adult life. It’s the place in my world where belly laughter and joy has been injected once again, where I’m allowed to use my imagination again, to play again and to develop skills I can use not only in my acting, but in life too. There’s no pressure to be clever, to be funny, witty or a comedian. The only pressure you will ever feel in this class is the pressure you put on yourself (so don’t even bother – it’s a waste of energy!). New friendships and bonds have been formed with a bunch of strangers I now love playing and creating with so much that I don’t want it to end. I not only recommend this class, I urge you to get involved! You will not regret the decision, you will wish you had done it sooner!” -Genevieve Brock, Actor
“Ali’s coaching prepared me for my medical school interview far better than any of the expensive interview prep consultants, online resources, practice questions, and tutors I tried. Her teaching is the perfect combination of providing new ideas that helped me to understand myself better, while at the same time highlighting, validating, and strengthening the existing skills she was able to recognize in me. Then she helped show me how to put these skills to work. Not only did she improve my ability to represent myself and articulate my ideas in my panel interview, she improved my ability to meaningfully react in the role playing interview scenarios. This was extremely helpful in the interview, and beyond. I now use a lot of Ali’s tips, techniques, and ways of thinking in my daily life. I fully credit Ali with improving my ability to interact with patients with compassion, clarity, and honesty.” –Lewis Forward, Medical Student, Queens University